Saturday, 21 March 2009

Watch me dance! (even though I can never perfect dancing)

For the past years, new acquaintances and friends only know me as a writer, director, journalist, radio announcer, etc. But hey—I also love dancing!

Although I would love to master street dancing, I can never be that good in it because of physical reasons, the major reason being my inherited genu valgum; knock-knees for laymen. Piki in Filipino/Kapampangan. Mine is hereditary and I must have gotten it from my mother.

Such bone structure problem results in getting easily tired, especially in the knee and ankle area, because more effort is exerted by people with knock knees in activities, like dancing or running, to maintain balance.

Knock-knees for me has also been a source of insecurity since childhood. As a kid, I have always been told by older people, "Samasan mu ing lakad mu, tong" (Walk correctly, kid), because my feet had this formation when you look at them from above: / \ instead of \ /, which is the normal type.

Such bone structure problem has made me choosy in getting pants and shorts. I pick the ones that would hide my knock-knees. Skinny jeans are a no-no to me and shorts that expose my knees are likewise banned in my wardrobe.

The bad thing about having knock-knees is that it's incurable. Researched about it on the net, and there's only one Russian expert whom people claim can correct knock-knees through bone surgery in the knees. Will I go that far!? No. In a parallel universe, probably, but not here.

So whenever I am in a public place, such as a mall, and I see guys of my age with "desirable feet" (meaning they have straight feet), or even guys who are a bit sakang (reverse of genu valgum) like Korean guys, I look at them with envy until they disappear from my sight. I look at their feet so endearingly you would think I'm gay if you base your judgment on my malagkit a lawe/malagkit na tingin. But that thirsty glare proves how much I desire to have such feet, and I'm willing to sell my soul to Satan just to have those feet... Kidding.

Anyway, I still love dancing. Even though I can never perfect dancing because of knock-knees, here's an attempt to dance the chorus part of BoA's "Eat You Up," the steps to which are not very basic:

Also, watch the original music video/dance here:

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